Depaul Charity

Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

St. Raymond's House in Philadelphia

LocationWho we help
7919 Forrest Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19150Individuals who are currently homeless and have chronic health condition
How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
Depaul USA provides permanent housing and case management to help individuals meet their health and other life goalsPhiladelphia Director Sandra Guillory at (215) 438-3991 or
Contact detailsAbout us
Volunteers are always welcome--spend time with our residents, help with projects around the house, or donate needed suppliesWe provide 24-hour care, meals, and assistance to residents of St. Ray's--we even have two cats to keep everyone company!

The population experiencing homelessness ages and faces acute and chronic health needs and, too often, have to depend on emergency medical care for health needs. This "crisis care" is not sufficient for resolving chronic conditions. With goals to achieve self-sufficiency and stable housing, individuals facing homelessness needs regular care and safe, stable housing.

Depaul USA breaks this cycle by providing housing and case management to help individuals meet their health and other life goals. Permanent supportive housing is essential to ensure that the most vulnerable men and women living with disabilities are able to achieve recovery and a full life in the community.

    New Orleans Permanent Supportive Housing

    LocationWho we help
    New Orleans, LouisianaChronic homelessness individuals
    How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
    Rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing programsNew Orleans Director Sr. Kathleen Driscoll
    Contact detailsAbout us
    Be a buddy, host a fundraiser, donate household itemsOur team of three is in the community visiting clients every day, helping individuals maintain housing and live lives of dignity and hope

    Depaul USA runs a rapid re-housing program, moving individuals who have faced years of homelessness into apartments. These units, scattered throughout the city, give individuals the ability to settle into a stable lifestyle, and rebuild lives of greater dignity. 

    Working from the Rebuild Center on Gravier Street, clients get a variety of services. Depaul USA provides the bridge and support needed to connect them to local agencies and to move them towards self-sufficiency. Depaul USA provides access to the St. Vincent DePaul Free Pharmacy and the Vision Center. Additionally, our team works with clients to assess, refer, and transport clients to necessary services available throughout the community. 


      Jericho Way

      LocationWho we help
      Little Rock, ArkansasAdult individuals facing homelessness--on the street, in tents, or housing "insecure"
      How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
      Giving a hot meal, safe place to relax during the day, and access to resources to help individuals move from homelessness to a life of hope and dignity.Volunteers are always welcome. Come help with meals, laundry, assisting in the logistics of the shower room, computer room and laundry area. In-kind donations are greatly appreciated, call the program director for more information.
      Contact detailsAbout us
      Little Rock Director, Mandy Davis, DC 3000 Springer Blvd. Little Rock, AR 72206 or call 501-297-8904.Access showers, telephones, computers, laundry services, and social workers who can help individuals overcome the crisis of homelessness.

        Daybreak Center in Macon, Ga.

        LocationWho we help
        Macon, GeorgiaAdult individuals facing homelessness--on the street, in tents, or housing "insecure"
        How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
        Giving a hot morning meal, safe place to relax during the day, and access to resources to help individuals move from homelessness to a life of hope and dignityPlease contact Macon Director, Sister Theresa Sullivan, at 478-216-9119.
        Contact detailsAbout us
        Director, Sister Theresa Sullivan, 174 Walnut Street, Macon, Ga 31201 or call 478-216-9119. We always need volunteers and donations. Monday through Friday--give your time or call to donate supplies.Daybreak is a day/resource center offering individuals access to showers, telephones, computers, laundry services, a medical clinic, and case managers.

        Our day/resource centers provide services to individuals facing the immediate crisis of homelessness.  In Little Rock, Arkansas and Macon, Georgia, Depaul USA provides a welcoming place where individuals can get a hot meal, relax, wash up and do laundry, and speak with a social worker.  

        Daybreak works on removing obstacles in a person's life by establishing a relationship with them, giving them a place to rest, offering services to feel renewed, and connecting them to other community resources in oder to help them move from being homeless to a life with increased stability which is a long road, but with the help of a supportive system it can be transforming!

        Daybreak cannot operate without our volunteers and donations from the community.  We are always seeking fresh faces to greet and help our participants on a regular basis Monday through Friday. However,  businesses, church youth groups, or schools that have students do community service can help by doing an outreach project such as collecting items on our needs list, or come volunteer as a team one day.  


          Chicago Dax Program

          August 28th, 2015

          The Dax Host-Home Program is growing in Chicago.  During the first quarter of 2016, the program, which serves at-risk or homeless DePaul University students, placed two students with host families.  An additional student lives in an apartment provided by a generous Depaul USA supporter.  Dax Program Coordinator, Sister Judy Warmbold of DC, is excited about the growth of the program. “Depaul USA is so grateful to our host families and the landlord who provided us with use of the apartment.  By providing housing options, these wonderful people are helping students remain in school and on track to reach their professional goals.”

            Depaul USA Grows & Expands



            Candace Anderson is the Director of Operations.  She is responsible for human resources, organizational policies and procedures, onboarding staff, and performance assessments.  Candace also manages the organization’s website, social media platforms, and traditional communications such as the newsletter and email.  Candace holds a Master of Arts in Leadership & Organizational Development and a Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Management from DePaul University.

            James (Jim) Hutson is the Director of Individual Gifts & Events.  He works closely with the President/Executive Director, Board of Directors, and senior management team to create and implement individual giving and fundraising events.  He holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from Ball State University; and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice & Sociology from Anderson University.

            Tony Romero is an intern in the finance office.  His responsibilities include filing, data entry for account payables, and performing accounting entries for Depaul USA Thrift, LLC and Depaul USA Realty, LLC.  Tony holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration and is currently studying Accounting at DePaul University.


            LITTLE ROCK

            LaTissle (Tish) Cummings is a case manager.  One of her primary focuses is to help clients transition from homelessness to permanent housing.  She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Letourneau University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Louisiana State University.

            Janet Nelson is the Executive Assistant at Jericho Way.  Her responsibilities include assisting the Program Director with the day-to-day operations and administration of the office. Janet holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University, a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Illinois University in Psychology. 

            Jeremy Rucker is a security guard at Jericho Way.  He safeguards all of the visitors, staff and participants.  He studied Mass Communications at the University of Central Arkansas. 


            NEW ORLEANS

            Andrew Brasher is a case manager for Coming Home, the permanent supportive housing program.  Andrew develops client service plans, links participants with mental and physical healthcare providers and connects them to other social services. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology from Knox College.



            Tamara Coleman is a program counselor at St. Raymond’s House.  She delivers individualized counseling to residents of the program with an emphasis on allowing participants to focus on their recovery. Tamara has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix.

            Alexandra Demuth is an on-call resident and intern aide at St. Raymond’s House.  She performs clerical and administrative duties.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Chestnut Hill College and is currently enrolled at Bryn Mawr College seeking a Master of Social Work degree.

            Rodnayta Dunn is a cook at St. Raymond’s House and Depaul House. St. Raymond’s House serves 27 chronically homeless women and men with medical conditions. Depaul House provides transitional housing for 27 men. Rodnatya is responsible for providing nutritious, healthy, and delicious meals to residents of both programs.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cheyney University.

            Harold Evans is a counselor at St. Raymond’s House. He provides client-centered, trauma-informed, strength-based, recovery-oriented, and holistic case management while using a harm-reduction model.  He holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Care from Lutheran Theological Seminary, a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan, a Master of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare from Livingstone College.

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            Depaul USA Grows & Expands
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