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Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Visit the link below to learn about our Macon Sleepout.


On February 23, from dusk to Daybreak, you can experience fundraising with heart and purpose!

In  February of every year, people in our community come together to show solidarity with Macon's homeless and raise funds to support services at Daybreak.

We are asking you to help raise money that helps the homeless in Macon by sleeping rough – under the stars – for one night.  Each sleeper agrees to raise $1,000 for the privilege of sleeping in the open, in the cold, in February.

 Crazy, right?  A thousand dollars?!                                       

To choose to spend one night outside your own comfortable life and sleep in the cold.  To choose to spend one night under the stars, in the winter.  To join others who, like you, have a heart for the homeless and impoverished in Macon.  

Once you wake up with frost on your sleeping bag, you realize the gratitude you can feel for a hot cup of coffee and a warm heart to serve it to you.  That is the immediate need that Daybreak fills on a cold morning-- hot coffee, a hot shower, clean laundry, a safe ​place to rest.  In serving these basic needs, we are able to do the greater work of helping people find sustainable employment, move into permanent housing, or care for their treatable, chronic illnesses.  Through this simple process of meeting basic needs and building relationships, we are able to create effective, systemic change, one life at a time.

You will NOT experience what it’s like to be homeless by participating in this event, what it’s like to live in constant uncertainty or to feel unsafe all the time, what it's like to struggle in the most basic ways for your independence and self-worth and dignity.

 What you WILL experience is a chance to join others in their space, a chance to show solidarity with Macon’s homeless, a moment to reflect on the humanity of us all, a moment to be focused, aware, and to mindfully participate in intentional, inclusive community that embraces all of us, every one.

Please join us!  Enlist the help of your family, your friends, your religious or civic community to support you financially in raising money for the work that Daybreak does.  With your assistance, we can show Macon that homeless has no place.



Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Call Daybreak at (478) 216-9119 to hear a recording about the Sleepout.

For additional questions, call Gaye Martel at (478) 955-4519 or email her at

View Chuck Leavell's PSA about the Sleepout at this link:


Is there an ID requirement or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID is required.  Check-in will be at Daybreak beginning at 6 PM.

We would like for all sleepers to be 18 or older, unless approved in advance and accompanied by full-time chaperon.  Contact Daybreak for further information.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

Bring yourself and an open mind, of course. Tents and sleeping bags are optional, but sure do help with the cold!


We recommend that you dress warmly in layers.  Since firepits will be provided by Macon-Bibb County Parks and Recreation, please bring your campfire talents, your guitar, your singing voice, your stories.


Please do not bring alcohol, drugs, weapons, or pets.Both supper and breakfast will be provided by Daybreak, so no cooking gear will be required.



Archive of Photos/Videos from past Sleepouts 



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