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Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Individuals facing homelessness need a team to help.  Our staff works closely with many different individuals and organizations to provide a complex web of resources, support, and care.

Donate supplies, entertain our clients with music, run a station at a day/resource center, host a fundraiser dinner in your home, help promote our local fundraisers.


Depaul USA invites volunteers for various events.  Please contact the following staff for information regarding volunteer opportunities. 

Chicago Headquarters:  James Hutson (312) 362-8873 james.hutson@depaulusa.org

Little Rock:  Mandy Davis (501) 916-9859 mandy.davis@depaulusa.org

Macon: Sr. Theresa Sullivan (478) 216-9119 sr.theresa.sullivan@depaulusa.org

New Orleans: Sister Kathleen Driscoll (505) 870-6386 sr.kathleen.driscoll@depaulusa.org

Philadelphia: Peggy Robertson (215) 438-1955 peggy.robertson@depaulusa.org

St. Louis:  Suzanne Kenyon (314) 349-1651 gretchen.shipp@depaulusa.org

St. Louis:  Rich LaPlume (314) 349-1651 rich.laplume@depaulusa.org

St. Louis:  Steve Wiederkehr (314) 349-1651 steve.wiederkehr@depaulusa.org

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