Depaul House | Depaul Charity

Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Depaul House

LocationWho we help
PhiladelphiaAdult men who are ready to work through a transition program
How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
Through job and life skills training, we prepare individuals to transition from homelessness to lives of greater stability and fulfilmentPhiladelphia Director Sandra Guillory at (215) 438-3991 or
Contact detailsAbout us
Volunteers are always welcome--spend time with our residents, help with projects around the house, or donate needed suppliesOur team helps individuals with finances, getting a job, and dealing with issues that led to the individua's homelessness

For non-disabled adults, one of the only ways to exit homelessness is through stable employment. Depaul House staff work with residents to identify employment skills, connect residents to training opportunities and address barriers to employment. We depend upon community support to meet these needs including donations of interview-appropriate clothing, toiletries and food. 

At Depaul House, we aim to reconnect homeless men to the workforce, help them to budget and save their income and move to their own homes within one year. We accomplish this through client-centered, recovery-oriented and trauma-informed case management and through the provision of holistic services that address the myriad of reasons a person might become homeless. 

To date, 80% of the individuals who have walked through our doors have walked out to their own homes. Through support and connections to needed services, we are ending homelessness.

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