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Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Dax Program

LocationWho we help
ChicagoDePaul University students who are facing homelessness
How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
Provide short-term housing with families to help students stay on track to graduateProvide short-term housing with families to help students stay on track to graduate
Contact detailsAbout us
Program Coordinator Sister Judy Warmbold (312) 802-9703 or judy.warmbold@depaulusa.orgIndividuals in the program can get counseling, access to resources, and support needed to reach graduation

Homelessness on college campuses is a widespread phenomenon. The issue of homelessness among DePaul University students was highlighted by the DePaul University Dean of Students Office at the Fall 2014 Vincentian Family Gathering in  Chicago.  2014.  It was estimated that there are approximately 50 homeless students every quarter due to a variety of reasons.  The Chicago Vincentian Family created the Dax Host-Home Program  to respond to this need.

Some homeless students are reeling from the loss of a job or scholarship.  Others leave home because of family issues such as domestic violence, abuse, addictions, divorce, gender issues, and disputes and disagreements.  Whatever the reason, homelessness threatens to interrupt students’ education and derail progress towards personal goals and ambitions.

The Dax program objective is to create a ”home” environment and complement that with mentoring and support to allow these students to continue their education and work towards self-sufficiency.  The goal is to help the student reach graduation and not “fall off the radar”  due to lack of money and resources.  In this program the student is responsible for his or her own tuition through scholarships, loans and income.

The “Host-Home” model is a best practice that provides an alternative to the shelter system. Volunteers open their homes to homeless DePaul University student for an academic term (12 weeks). Both the student and the volunteer hosts go through a screening and training process facilitated by the Dax Program Coordinator. 

The program gives temporary housing and provides case management at St. Vincent Outreach Center to help students pursue their dreams and goals and to explore issues that contribute to their homelessness.  Ultimately, the student pursues employment and permanent housing.  The Dax Program Coordinator also supports the students by providing counseling and by helping students access employment and resources such as food, school supplies, and transportation.

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