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Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Our Values

Celebrating the potential of people

Depaul USA works to empower people affected by homelessness to make decisions, set goals, take risks and learn from their mistakes. We work with the most excluded people and treat all who use the services with respect – acting only after consulting with them. Depaul USA believes in a culture of volunteering and provides a way for volunteers to express their care and compassion. Staff and volunteers are vital in achieving the mission and are equally committed to developing their skills and unlocking the full potential of service users.

Putting our words into action

We put our words into action: our reputation depends on it. However, we also strive to influence others through having a strong public profile. Depaul is committed to finding new ways of tackling the problems faced by homeless people. This innovation and entrepreneurship means listening to service users, volunteers and staff and acting on their ideas. We take risks in working with people affected by homelessness who sometimes have challenging behavior.

Aiming to take a wider role in civil society

Depaul USA is an authoritative voice on homelessness, working in partnership with government, local authorities, the private sector, churches and other voluntary agencies. Together we achieve the best possible outcome for homeless people. Depaul USA strives to be open and accountable to staff, volunteers, service users and funders. We believe in justice for all – through influencing structural change in society and supporting individuals. We take a worldwide perspective and are committed to building global networks to support those affected by homelessness.

Believing in rights and responsibilities

Depaul USA believes that people have fundamental rights as humans and within the law. These rights must be upheld and safeguarded. Rights come with responsibilities and a duty to consider others. Rights and responsibilities extend equally to our organization, staff, volunteers and those affected by homelessness who use our services. Supporters and funders have a right to expect a consistently high level of service and integrity. We are committed to delivering it.

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