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Case Manager

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Position Description


The Case Manager is responsible for conducting interviews to determine client needs and plans for obtaining needed services. The Case Manager will demonstrate direct assistance, coordination of care, and linkage to the appropriate services while developing support plans for residents, and he or she will report to and work closely with the Director, moving clients toward the four aforementioned goals. The Case Manager is responsible for documenting case management notes, activities, progress, and recommendations as well as assisting clients to access referred services and move toward independence and more stable housing.  S/he provides these services in a manner consistent with the values and strategies of Depaul USA.




Required Qualifications and Credentials


The ideal Case Manager will be an experienced professional with several years of experience in social work with vulnerable segments of the population. S/he will ideally have experience working with individuals who faced homelessness and struggled with issues of mental illness, cognitive disabilities and addictions.  The ideal Case Manager will also understand the system of social work, relevant agencies, and the needs of individuals seeking services, and possess the following:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or closely related field with at least two years’ experience working with populations affected by behavioral health diagnoses and homelessness;
  • Exceptional communication, multitasking, conflict management and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong computer skills with all Microsoft Office programs;
  • Ability to organize tasks, events, and people, and delegate effectively;
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment when appropriate and strong decision making skills.




1. Primary Duties and Responsibilities:




1                    Main Tasks


1.1              Promotes and encourages client participation in community activities. Coordinates and refers clients to counseling, case management, medical and other appropriate services. Builds professional relationships with clients and assists them with difficult or problematic situations in a sensitive manner.


1.2              Completes intake paperwork for new clients. Tracks client enrollment and activities and prepares reports and paperwork as requested by supervisory staff.


1.3              Offer case management and other supportive services to clients.


1.4              Assists participants with the necessary steps to gain employment.


1.5              Assists in selecting and supporting participants who are tenants in Depaul USA houses in Macon. Assists them with difficult or problematic situations in a sensitive manner while ensuring all appropriate records and forms are completed by tenants.  Develop and implement process for tenants to build life skills development. Develop curriculum, identify and recruit residents and employ retention techniques to ensure that tenants attend group.


1.6              In collaboration with colleagues, develops support plans for clients and records plans in case files.


1.7              Collaborate with other agencies in the community and participant in coalition meetings. Builds good working relationships with other stakeholders, programs, services, and agencies in the community.


1.8              Assists with opening the center and administration duties i.e. Conducts tours of the facility for visitors and volunteers, supervise volunteers, greeting guests, answering the phone.


1.9              Enforces organization policies to provide a safe space for all clients, staff, and volunteers.


1.10          Participates in weekly staff meetings to update staff on client progress and areas for development. Coordinates work with other staff members.


1.11          Assists the program team in the preparation of reports, statistics, and other papers the Program Director or Assistant Director may require.






2                    General Responsibilities


2.1              Adherence to all quality assurance policies and procedures. 


2.2              Stays informed of current local and national events, trends, and issues (wherever possible), that impact Depaul USA’s work with the homeless.


2.3              Strives continuously to develop the role in collaboration with the supervisor to ensure that all tasks are being undertaken in an effective and appropriate manner, meeting the strategic goals and objectives of Depaul USA.


2.4              Participates in internal/external meetings as required, and attends training events, conferences and other functions as necessary.


2.5              Participates in regular supervision and annual appraisal, and helps in identifying your own job-related development and training needs.


2.6              Ensures adherence to all Depaul USA policies and procedures, particularly those relating to Health and Safety, Code of Practice and Confidentiality.


2.7              Contributes to the effective implementation of Depaul USA’s Equal Opportunities Policy as it affects both the organization and its work with this client group.


2.8              Undertakes the role in a professional manner maintaining a high quality standard of work at all times, and to work always in accordance with the Vision, Mission and Values of Depaul USA.


2.9              Undertakes any other duties that may be required which are commensurate with the role.




2.10          Ability to climb stairs, lift up to 25 lbs.

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